Sample Distribution - Consumer Metrics Driven

"Giving away free product samples is futile and fires back." Not anymore.

This is about control

datafini's sample distribution platform promises full control over your sample assets and allows you to track a sample's ordinary journey.

We have integrated dozens of features, including Pre-/Post-Evaluation, Collection Life-Time, Competitive Analysis to woo off competitors' customers (we know, savage), to name a few.

About datafini

Prone to miss the purpose

Over 87% of all in-store distributed samples do not reach intended customers. No matter how hard you try, no matter how closely you watch: your samples are probably gonna miss your consumers.

Audience First
Allocate & Collect
Extended Audience Segmentation

(Deeply) Segmented Target

Create your right audience, by setting basic demographics or extended psychographic/behavioral segmentation.

Own customer list? No problem. You can easily upload your own customer lists for your sampling campaigns.

Sampling Campaign Parameters

Set. Launch. Track

Quickly allocate as many batches of samples to pickup locations of your choice and give collection life-time. Know instantly when customers collect their sample.

Sample Distribution Dashboard

Performance Dashboard

Our straigh forward dashboard gives you real-time insight into campaign activity. Basic (comparative) location based sample collection, footfall/engagement development, brand performance, to name a few.

Merchant App

Merchant App

datafini's SampleWadi redemption app allows participating retailers to quickly scan and redeem product sample QR Codes. Redemption data instantly reflects on your dashboard. You can download Android's latest version, our iOS version will launch soon.

datafini Pricing

Pricing: Free Generous Plan


Pilot Program

Call us 'crazy', but you read right. Joining our pilot program is totally free. Unlimited Sampling Campaigns. Unimited Audiences. All For Free.

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Frequently Asked

What products/categories are allowed?

datafini/SampleWadi can be used to distribute anything and everything that is not illegal as per UAE law. Also note that some items might be subject to athorities' approval (e.g. DHA).

How many samples can I distribute?

You can create as many sampling campaigns targeting as many customers as you need. Fact is: the more you distribute, the more real customers you reach out to.

Does datafini/SampleWadi own or keep any samples?

We don't, and never will. Our main objective is to get the customer to your doorstep, by getting his or her sample ready inside your store.

Do you charge SampleWadi users?

Neither SampleWadi users (customers) nor datafini business clients (retailers, brands, merchants) are charged.

What is this Pilot Program about?

Long enough has there been a large sample distribution gap between retail and customer. We intend to roll out this test phase to allow you to get familiar with sampling campaigns and experience a new way of managing your product samples.

How long until I can start distributing?

After getting our approval (which may take up to an hour), you can usually start launching your sampling campaigns instantly.

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